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Two things prompt the 'Contact' page addition to the blog.

First, several loyal readers have digital copies of Mr. Big Food's Big Food Manual and Survivalist Flourishing Guide. We've gone through phases with respect to photographing the dishes we prepare-- some are well pictured, others not so well. We'd like photos of the ones you prepare. Send them to the address below.

Second, loyal reader and commenter 'suek' tells me she has a "Surplus Zucchini" folder in her recipe notebook!! I need to make it easier for suek to send me those recipes. [Aggie & Becca-- I'm looking at you, too.]

Contact Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life at

miss dot guerilla dot farmer at gmx dot you know the rest. (HINT: dot com)

Aren't I clever? Miss as in Mississippi and as in Miss Marica.

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