Thursday, April 24, 2014

Will Wonders Never Cease?!

So we went to a lecture at State this afternoon.

And by "we" I mean all of the usual suspects. 
It was a great lecture!
Mr. Big Food introduced Professor Prinz 
to a standing room only crowd.
Here I must interject logistical detail. Referring to the seating chart (above) you will note that the front row has three seats. I occupied the left-most (as it appears in the photo), figuring that at the Conclusion of his Introduction Mr. Big Food would jump off the stage and occupy the empty seat to my left (right in the photo). 

My figuring was thwarted by these two lovely young women-- who paid close attention throughout the lecture but who came in rather late and proceeded to occupy the two seats to my left leaving Mr. Big Food with no place to sit!

So. Under the radar, I snagged a crappy old chair chair for Mr. Big Food, positioned it properly as a 4th, and at the Conclusion of his Introduction, asked the two young women to slide down. Worked wonderfully. Except I lost my primo photo snapping space. 

As you an clearly see.
It was a good talk!

There was reference to Hume. 
There was a slide of a brain. 
There was some talk of religion and art. That was fun. 

And then there were some questions and a bit of discussion. It was a good talk. Oh! And there were photos of babies and monkeys and apes!!

Who doesn't love babies? and monkeys and apes?

I went outside. Met up with A. Leland. We watched the toddlers as we finished our cigarettes. We figured they couldn't have been walking for more than a month. 

Will wonders never cease?

Some times I wonder...

From The Book of Knowledge: The Children's Encyclopedia
In case you were wondering, if soldiers didn't break step while crossing a bridge, the vibration of the rhythmic step and swing of the arms might put too much stress on various parts of the bridge. 

The Book of Knowledge: The Children's Encyclopedia. E.V. McLoughlin, ed. The Grolier Society Inc., New York. 1954.

It's bloomin' thyme!

Wonderful, don't you think?

Something a little different

From Swiss Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil New Edition, Rev. S. Manning, Edward Whymper, illus., The Religious Tract Society, London, 1891.

A little more on Whymper here

Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are nought without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; look well to each step, and from the beginning think what may be the end.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My nickers are in a knot right now.

I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Big Food on this one. This sucks. This is the real Mississippi and company is due to arrive later today. And then there's the conference at Ole Miss. And the reception at the Farm. 

And we have no water.

So there you go. You go vote for Thad on account of all he's done for you. You go. 

First Greens

For the venison burgers tonight as we welcome company to the Farm.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Secure the Perimeter!

Wait! What? Where are you headed?
This is a pretty amazing story! Missy was outside and I realized she was barking which is something she hardly ever does unless... 

"Oh! Marica! That's just not true. I don't need my Dear Friend Rocky to tell me when to bark! I bark at the birds all of the time."


"My apologies, Missy. You do bark at the birds. And today a turtle that was far far away."


"You seem surprised."

"Well, as I said, you don't usually bark at much besides birds."

"RRrrruuuufffff ruff!"

"You find that amusing, my Friend? May I remind you that you bark at just about everything. You even bark at Mr. Big Food when he incites you."

"Okay. Okay. How did you know the turtle was way down there by the fence, Missy?"

"Oh my goodness! Couldn't you smell it? It was abominable."

"Wonder if that's the way the males and females find each other?"


"So you smelled it. Why! I'm impressed, Missy!"

"Thank you. I was just, however, following my instincts."

"Ruff ruff."

"You know, we should talk about that one day-- what we've learned about our instincts."

"We must have a crappy book, sorry-- an old book-- or two about instincts we could read together at reading time."

"Some William James?"

"Lovely! And there's that brand new volume of Henry!!"


"By the way-- I might have forgotten to mention-- but things are about to get hectic."

"oh. Ha. Um... Excuse me, Marica. I must have been nodding off. We did have a big weekend. "

"Indeed we did. Goodnight, Missy. Goodnight, Rocky."

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Have an Idea!: A. Leland's Melon Patch

This is one of the things that went on this weekend. 

Earlier, I had said:

Here's the situation. We have the space. There's time. What I need is for A. Leland to offer to take over the squash/melon/bean/corn garden that he just tilled up. And I wonder if Miss M would pay special attention to the herb and lettuce gardens? Not asking you to do anything, just let me know.

And then A. Leland found some petrified wood. 

They had to use a vehicle to move it.

And the design of A. Leland's bean-melon-squahs-corn garden just took off from there. 

Us? Civilized?

A civilized society is one that exhibits the five qualities of truth, beauty, adventure, art and peace.
--Alfred North Whitehead

Friday, April 18, 2014

I hear tell

there's going to be a produce shortage. And you know what happens when that happens, don't you? Produce prices go up. (I took Econ101. & 102. You can check my college transcripts, if you wish.)

I did serious research.
I'm quite certain I've forgotten something-- though Swiss chard is the only thing that comes to mind-- but I'm hoping to have a banner produce year.

Lettuce: ✔
Avacodos; :-(
Broccoli: Broccoli Raab,  ✔ ✔; other varieties, we'll see
Grapes: Grapes are nice. I don't plan or plant my life around grapes, but grapes are nice. We have several varieties of grapes here in Mississippi. I could live with them. 
Tomatoes: Glad you asked! I planted 34/50 of them today. 
Melons:  ✔ ✔
Peppers:  ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ I reviewed the pepper selection this afternoon with Miss M. As it turns out, I have no green bell pepper seedlings. By the way-- we had a great pepper season in 2013. I pulled one of the last couple of bags of frozen peppers out of my freezer this afternoon. It was dated 9/22. The seedlings look good. I am hopeful.
Berries: What to say here? The dewberries are slow to bloom this year. BUT... We did bushhog late last summer. So maybe there will be a bunch of dewberries-- for dewberry jam. We shall see.
Corn: I've been beaten by corn. I think this will be a better year.
Packaged Salad: We don't grow Packaged Salad here on the Farm.

Oh! That Mache SomethingOrOtherSalad is coming up! So is the escarole. 

And truth be told, it won't be all that long until I'm thinning. And you know what happens when that happens, don't you? We start to eat fresh salad, with homemade dressing.

It's good for Brain Growth.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brain Growth

Miss M read my most recent Books Bygone newspaper essay column this evening after supper.

For some reason, Miss M found "brain growth" highly amusing.

Here's what got her laughing:
... the questions must not be suppressed, because that means death to intelligence and to brain growth. ...
To which I said:
No grownup in his or her right mind wants to stifle the growth of children’s brains, and so we look to encyclopedias for intelligent answers for our children and ourselves.

"The Kiss of Betrayal"

Lots going on today!
Since tomorrow is Good Friday, lots of businesses and such will be closed-- even State!-- so today substitutes for Friday-go-to-town-day. But first I have to get the first coat on. But before that I must post at least a little something. So I turned to a crappy old book, Christ and the Fine Arts, for inspiration. 

There's a nice little commentary to quote. But before I do that, I need to find the color version of this painting. Easy-peasy, right?

How sad is this?
Three search engines later-- including which claims to never track anyone-- and I give up. I've got things to do. 

Christ and the Fine Arts Revised and Enlarged Edition: An Anthology of Pictures, Poetry, Music and Stories Centering in the Life of Christ. Cynthia Pearl Maus. Harper & Row, Publishers, New York. 1959.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm taking over Wednesday Evening Comment Drive to bring you these.

Thanks to all who participated!

The blue sky is for suek who dries her clothes in the sunshine.

For the Fun Loving!

We continue this week's etsy impromptu features with Ivan Werks, the shop owned by family members of loyal reader and frequent commenter (thank you!) 'suek.'

Here are a few of my favorites....

Check out Ivan Werk's shop and if you'd like a different combination, let them know and they'll make it for you. 

What's your favorite etsy shop?