Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are We Still Talking About Fruitcake?!?

Another in what is becoming a long line of fruitcake posts... .

Candied grapefruit rinds ready to be filled with fruitcake batter and baked

My fruitcake turned out to be one of those "Wow! This is delicious but I'm never doing that again" productions. 

Gumbo pot filled with fruit and flour and spices
Kitchen table with two cookbooks, parchment paper, twine and canner
The canner took the place of a roaster. As we remembered well into production, we don't have a rack that fits inside the turkey roaster so the filled grape fruit had to be steamed in the canner.

Kitchen table with two cookbooks,strips of parchment, twine, cake batter and canner
A strip of parchment is wrapped around the edge of each grapefruit shell and tied with twine, then the shells are filled. Or fill 'em, wrap 'em and then tie 'em. Really doesn't make any difference! 

Never again. 

More on the fruitcake tomorrow. There's only so much fruitcake production recollection one can do ant any single sitting.

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