Friday, December 5, 2014

The Best of Intentions

On the evening of December 1, 2014, it was my intention to post every subsequent evening about a Christmas story. I had my crappy old books about me-- well, except for the two I cannot find. And I got off to a good start. The Fir Tree. Charlie Brown. Dadadadadadada da. da da da. 

But alas. I got again stuck on the tracks a few feet from the station.


We had a potential blog-block breakthrough! 

We can read. Caroline Daughter C read aloud last evening from 

Babika Kopesky Fairy Tales by Anne Staglik (1990) 

And a right nice reading it was.  

Maybe we can keep this up! 

We can read!

(Although I think we will steer clear of those Czech stories from now on. They are too violent for my sensibilities. Just kidding. They are great! Thanks, Gran.)


  1. Intentions....spelling spelling spelling...!!

    (which means I shall make some obvious and very public spelling error within the next 24 hours or so!


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