Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here We Come a Carolling da da dadada la

Truth be told, there was no singing involved.
We went calling on our neighbors this Christmas Eve. We brought along fruitcake!

I'll have better photos of the cake in candy shells soon. 
What a nice way to spend a few minutes with neighbors. The first invited us to Saturday lunch with his hunting club buddies over at his shop. The next introduced us to her daughter and a friend-- turns out we have mutual acquaintances. DeWayne wasn't home. Bo wasn't home either but the kids were. Little Caroline gave both Mr. Big Food and I a hug and her big brother Waker-- of how many ways can a 15 year old boy mess up fame (remember how angry I was with him when he put out that deer corn feeder  on the property without permission)-- was so overcome with emotion at having received a few slices of fruitcake that he gave me a hug! 

Fruitcake. Who knew it had so much power?

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