Friday, December 27, 2013

My Mother's House

When the "heat" comes on upstairs in my mother's house the air coming out of the vent above my side of the bed is about 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. By the time the "heat" turns off, the air coming out of the vent has warmed up to what was the ambient temperature. My mother's house is cold.

There is no dust in my mother's house.
There isn't much light inside my mother's house.
See what I mean?
Kat said it was okay for me to use the flash at my mother's house.

The tree always looks the same at my mother's house.
See what I mean? My mother's house, 2009.
Year after year, we all sit in the same spot at my mother's house.
This is Brother Mike's spot on Christmas day at my mother's house. (By the way, the best gifts in life are free. Classic car calendar courtesy of my insurance agent.)
My mother's house has limited connectivity. Very limited. Almost none existent.
At my mother's house, Kat couldn't even text Tony. She had to use my phone. My mother's house makes the Farm seem high-speed by comparison.

But at my mother's cold, dust-free, never changing, dark, unconnected house, everyone gets what they wished for!

A bag & a box full of beautiful crappy old books from Daughter C, and a beautiful tea cozy from Kat, and a kettle that actually whistles from Miss M!

Hope your Christmas was what you wished for. Sorry for the blog silence. As I said, there was limited connectivity at my mother's house!

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