Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fall & Winter Soup Contest Entrant #4: Beer Cheese Broccoli Soup

This is a sorry photograph. I apologize for the glare.
Entrant #4 in our 2013/14 Fall & Winter Soup Contest is Beer Cheese Broccoli Soup. I'm not entirely sure that's its official name, you can transpose Beer Cheese & Broccoli any way you choose.

This soup presented something of a little dilemma. It was, in fact, the first entrant in the original Fall & Winter Soup Contest. We have rules about such things. And I was over-ruled. So it stands. This Soup gets a 2nd chance.

It's a good little soup. The homemade bran bread augmented it. 

In my humble opinion, it is not a contest winner. We did this once already. It didn't win last time, either. 

But it's a good soup.


Daughter C: 1st place #4 (this soup); 2nd place #1
A. Leland:  1st place #4 (this soup); 2nd place #1
Mr. Big Food: 1st place #4 (this soup); 2nd place #3
Me: 1st place #1; 2nd place #4

The bread was good.

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