Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Nice Little Find

I stopped in at Palmer Home Thrift Store the other day and just happened to walk by the Christmas item table.

Heh. That looks like the real thing.
I figured I could spare $0.50-- that's fifty cents-- for a piece of Spode. 

I found a couple of other $0.50 items-- crappy old books-- and proceeded to the checkout counter with $3.21 in my sweaty little hands. (I like doing that. The ladies there are nice but math is not their strong suit. They always seem surprised that I know my 7s tables.) 



The Christmas merchandise is 1/2 off. 

It would be less than thorough to blog about my $0.25 piece of Spode without asking what sort of deal I really got.

eBay. It's only $89.95 at Replacements.

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