Tuesday, December 10, 2013

That's a Strange Name for a Car

[Miss M] ruled by royal fiat that I could not use the word "commercial" in this sentence.
--Daughter C

I just gave Missy & Rocky a fiat to get the heck out of the dining room.
--Miss M

Rule by whim coupled with fiat is a true mark of tyranny.
--Mr. Big Food

Constitutional authority, constitutional schmoririty," cried the president, "I have the privilege of presidential fiat."
--A. Leland

I declared rule aught* by fiat.

I just realized Blogger has a new button on the compose screen... . I'll just show you.


See that little red button on the right just above the window that contains the definition of fiat? It allows me to get the definition of any highlighted word in my post.

Thank you Mr. Low-Man-on-the-Totem-Pole-Who's-Tasked-with-Reading-My-Little-Blog! That little button will come in so handy! I had no idea you had such powerful connections that you could convince Google [®] to create a button designed specifically to aid me in my Word of the Day Sentence posts.

That was so thoughtful of you! And by the way-- I have also noticed that you've nixed those annoying Anonymous comments from my blog spam folder. Frankly though, much as I appreciate that, I prefer to delete them myself, rather than letting you tinker with my email and blog. I'm sure you understand. It's a Libertarian/Self-Reliance thing.

But that DEFINE button was a stroke of genius! Thanks!!

*Rule 0: Marica makes and amends the rules (from the Bunker Independence Day Celebrations Rules and Regulations). 

Just so there's no misunderstanding, Mr. Big Food lives-- in a very Carnapian way-- outside the framework of my rules. And truth be told, we don't need nearly as many rules as we used to need. Once folks get into the hang of acting considerately and with civility, being considerate and civilized become second nature. Plus, we're not kids anymore. Rules are for kids. 

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