Saturday, December 28, 2013

BOOKS: "... lastly, the various styles of head-guards."

That's correct! This is a post about American Rugby, or as you & I like to call it, college football.

"A typical modern scrimmage"
The Back Story

Daughter C gave me a set of beautiful leather-bound encyclopedias-- not the A-Z sort, the sort in which each volume is dedicated to a specific topic.

 Our Wonder World: A Library of Knowledge in Ten Volumes: Volume One The World and Its Peoples (1914). And yes, that is an aeroplane in outerspace. It says, "Off for the planets."
Volume Six is Sports and Pastimes Indoors and Out. It is in this volume that we learn about American Rugby.

Intercollegiate Football

An onside kick
American Rugby is a game of strength as well as of skill. It is also a test of courage and endurance. A really fine football player must be a fine type of boy-- strong, plucky, alert, thoughtful, even-tempered. It is partly because the game develops these qualities that it is so popular, and that great players are looked upon as heroes.
Keep that in mind over the next week or two.

This is a full page "color" illustration. I do not get it. Is that supposed to be Everyman?
The start of an end run
The Outfit

"Many players refuse to wear these last, however."
The Game


Dang. Who is that guy playing Lucy?

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