Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#sorryloseryou | UPDATED

We like nice things here at the Farm. We appreciate the aesthetically pleasing, especially at Christmastime. And this, my Dear Friends, is not among the nice, aesthetically pleasing, things.

Don't worry. I'm not going to talk about youknowwhat. This isn't a political blog.
Let us begin by considering the green. I like forest green. But this particular shade or hue or whatever is not a good forest green. It's far too dull.

Next, look at the contrast between the Jammie's red jammies and the red throw (?) on the arm of the couch. Y.U.C.K. And that little pillow of cream with the splash of turquoise? Seriously? That's either a leather or faux leather couch and I'd bet it's about the size of ours. That pillow is way too small and just doesn't go. It offends. How about some Christmas pillows?

The mug. That's the best you can do? Boooorrrring. 

Look at the string of lights, and the shadows of the walls. This really looks like it was shot in someone's apartment, doesn't it? The entrance to the hallway leading to two bedrooms and a bath is behind Jammie's head. The horizontal swag of lights defines an archway behind which is probably the dining/kitchen area. (Is that an out of focus vent in the center of the arch?)

If this is someone's apartment, it would explain the dopy pillow, wouldn't it? But why are there no pictures on the walls? Where is the end table with the lamp? How about a Norfolk Island pine against that wall on the left?

Here's the implication. Jammie is "home" for Christmas and is supposed to talk to his friends & family whose home this supposedly is. Unless Jammie went home to his unemployed bachelor brother's barren apartment, I'm not buying it. 

Furthermore, if this is where the creator of this little ditty lives, and if this is how you think the rest of us live, I'm not buying any of it you #sorryloseryou.  

UPDATE: Funny stuff here.


  1. After a very dramatic reading of this post, Kat and Miss M have unanimously decided that this is Kat and Ton's apartment. This has left us wondering if the author believes only those in "houses" and "mobile homes" deserve Christmas and health insurance...

    1. No no no, sillies. All I was trying to say is that they should have paid more attention to the details. This isn't a political blog!!

  2. Yea they should've considered the design


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