Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Christmas Tour: To Boldly Go

Many of the over-decorated Christmas vignettes Daughter C put together -- most of which I've yet to share, it is only December 11th-- have a historical perspective. For example, the dinosaur/monster scene on top of the book shelf shows a fantasy Christmas in Jurassic times. Santa on the broken down tractor depicts the dust bowl of American agricultural history. The Round Table with Linus and the old snowman highlights the '50s and '60.

But make no mistake about it, although we enjoy us some crappy old stuff here at the Farm, we are all about the Future.


"Scotty! What's going on down there?" "I d'no Cap'n' These red pepper lights have a magnetic field the likes of which I've n'vr encountered."
"Shuttle Craft to Enterprise. We're burning up. Beam us outta here."
"We have escaped, Sir."
"Just in the nick of time. Mr. Spock. Data. What happened?"
"It appears we were hung in an unstable system."
"I agree, Mr. Spock. They failed to account for the influence the television's magnetic field would have on our ability to maneuver the pepper light field."
"Whatever. Can you get us safely back to Victorian Times?"


  1. ROFL, good show! My tea went down the wrong pipe when I saw the first picture of the Enterprise lol.


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