Monday, December 2, 2013

Fall and Winter Soup Recipes: Let The Games Begin!

This evening we enjoyed the second entrant in our 2nd Fall & Winter Soup Contest,

French Meatless Vegetable Soup.
Before I launch into a description of this soup-- necessary observations as it is a contest and all, and after two or three excellent soups, the particular excellencies of each fade-- I thought we might take a short stroll down soup lane. The first Fall& Winter Soup Contest began 11/8/2011 with Beer Cheese Broccoli Soup. Not every soup we had that Fall & Winter was a contestant. Soups we have every year were-- and are again-- disqualified (why can't I find the recipe for Across the Garden Soup?) as are favorite gumbos. (We make the rules up as we go along.)

Blogger's search function is being uncooperative, but based on keyword "soup," I've cobbled together this list of the nine soups that vied for winner, each with at least one link. (I've included dates because sometimes the recipes and the descriptions were in different posts. If you're interested in either, you should be able to find it if my links are messed up.)

In chronological order... [entrant #, date, name]

1. 11/3: Beer Cheese Broccoli Soup (Includes recipe)
2. 11/18-19: Slow Cooker Potato Cheese Soup with Wieners (Winner for me until #7); Recipe
3. 12/7-8: Corn and Sausage Chowder; Recipe
4. 12/31: Chili Soup (includes recipe)


5. 1/9: Tomato Rice Soup with Pesto (includes recipe; also has good links if I've messed them up above))
6. 1/23: Split Pea and Smoked Turkey Soup (includes recipe; second place for me until #2 was bumped by #7)
7. 1/30-31: Sausage Sauerkraut Soup in Slow Cooker (displaces #2 as winner); Recipe
8. 2/7: Sportsman's Lodge Lentil Soup (CONTEST WINNER); Recipe
9. 3/2: Rutabaga Soup Ha. Looks like I never posted the recipe for this one. I mention it, but cannot find it.

Thanks for bearing with me while I sorted that all out. 

And now to French Meatless Vegetable Soup.

#2 is in Second Place. I thought the Hot Potato Soup (recipe) was better. I made this soup. I scraped 37 pounds of carrots and turnips and whatnot. It's a good healthy soup. Miss M thinks I didn't season it appropriately, and that may well be. I would have left out the pasta, as it seemed to soak up too much of the good veggie broth. In the cooking of it-- a three hour affair-- it did impart to the kitchen a wonderful fragrance. So it's got that going for it. And it was good. 

But I liked the potato soup better. I'm partial to potato soups. 

If you're keeping score, Miss M and Mr. Big Food have this one ranked #1; AL & I liked the potato soup better. TIE GAME. 

Let's do some math. Last time we did a soup contest, we had nine contestants. Let's imagine we have 12 this year. That's 3 per quarter. So, with five minutes left in the first quarter, the game is tied.


  1. I have two bookmarked so far, the potato cheese soup might happen tonight!

    1. Don't know what the weather's like down your way, but up here tonight would be a good night for that one. Not too cold, but gloomy as all get out.

      How's the hunting going?

  2. We are going to be warm and rainy until Friday. There seems to be a trend evolving, if we shoot a deer then the in-laws do not, since we weren't able to bag a deer they did lol. They shot more than one so we still brought one home. By the way, I drove past your neck of the woods Saturday night, were y'all sleeping during hunting season, you had to see all the deer eating on the side of the highway I was a little nervous we would hit one.

    1. We've gotten two so far. Mostly though they set their alarm clocks for about 6:05pm and come out then. Neighbor kid got one too-- not on our property but he gave us the backstrap! Guys at the Piggly Wiggly report success, too. So it sounds like a good year so far. Freezer's filling up! I'm looking forward to eh venison stew entry in the contest!


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