Monday, August 18, 2014

A Crappy Old Book Quiz

Label these 1-10, top to bottom, left to right. You'll answer the quiz questions (below) using these numbers.

Inspired by one of the books pictured above-- which amused us to no end this weekend-- I though we might take a quiz. Please match the recently purchased 50 cent book with my random musing &/or fun fact pertaining to each.
  • What book inspired this trivial quiz?
  • I'm cleaning and organizing the books in the Bunkhouse, some of which are works of Shakespeare. What book needs to added to the same general category as the Bard's books?
  • What book was not written by a popular historian of history and philosophy?
  • I got all warm and fuzzy thinking of my high school days when I came across this popular (for a brief time) author.
  • You only need one. We have more than one. 
  • There's no DoI in this book.
  • Mental Health is all it's cracked up to be. 
  • The publication date of this book didn't surprise me.
  • The publication date of this book surprised me. 

HINT!! If you have been invited to view my library online, and you take advantage of this no cost to you opportunity, you have a distinct advantage. Also, if you are suek you will do well.

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