Saturday, August 9, 2014

Today in history!

 Those were the days, right?


  1. Someone on Fox news made a very interesting observation over the weekend -

    In Watergate, some bigwigs in the Republican Party illegally broke into the offices of the bigwigs of the Democrat Party in order to determine their planned political moves.

    In the Obama administration, a government body - one with probably the most feared powers in the government, the IRS - illegally gathered information and took action against private citizens.

    Big difference.

    1. Geeze, suek, you were in the spam folder again. I am sorry about that.

      Big difference, indeed. Too bad so few people remember.

      (I'll check spam folder more often. Wish there was a way to tell google you aren't spam. There probably is but I don't know it. Sorry,)

  2. Well...just goes to show - not _all_ Spam is bad!!


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