Wednesday, July 16, 2014

By the way... Big Food!

Just 'cause things are discombobulated don't mean we ain't eating well!
When it became apparent that Miss M was not going home from the hospitable* three days after surgery, Kat changed her flight, meaning that she'd be here long enough to get her bearings and cook for us!! And so she did!

I'll leave it to her to provide details in the comments-- or in a post, she does have privileges-- but the bottom line is she roasted a roast in the slow cooker with carrots & such, picked a spaghetti squash from A. Leland's garden, boiled up some penne, made a delicious sauce from home grown tomatoes and fresh herbs, and bingo bamo! supper was served. 

We ate at the table. Okay. It was the breakfast table and not the table table but it was the only table Miss M could get her cyborg legs under. You do what you gotta do. (I thought the yellow table cloth was a nice choice.)

Mr. Big Food also made a delicious red lentil soup that Daughter C can't believe has never made it into a soup contest, and I hear tell A. Leland is serving up frog legs tomorrow. And steak. 


*It's a joke.


  1. I am so,so,so,so,sorry. Number one son is visiting and I have been in my own little world. I wish I could be there to give you and Miss M a huge hug. Next time call and yell at me.

    1. S'right. These are the things we prepared for, right?


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