Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kat! A Request from Rocky & Missy

As I've mentioned time & time again, things are discombobulated here at the Farm. BUT! We have all spent a considerable amount of energy (ATP is our Friend) trying to get & stay organized. So it was no surprise to learn that Rocky & Missy had learned (LTP is another Friend) my habits-- that is, where and when I keep my laptop at various times of day.*

I found this letter at my day-time work station but didn't open it until I was set up at my night-time station.

So, Kat. 8:30am? Would you like me to bring coffee 'bout 8?

*Mr. Low-Man. Get over yourself. If the dogs can figure this out, what do I need you for? Go find someone else to spy on.

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