Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coming right along

The Greenhouse at High Water Hill

Things are coming right along! 

We've even begun to look at kitchen utensils!
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  1. Re: the avocado green kitchen....

    It always seemed pretty stupid to me to put a refrigerator right up against the stove... You're either heating up the cooling device, or cooling down the heating device!

    Also, just say NO! to electric stoves. Electric ovens I don't care so much about...especially since apparently the newer gas ovens don't have a permanent flame that keep the oven warm all the time...but stoves! I definitely prefer cooking with gas!

    I like the green on the handle of the potato masher, by the way. Either the darker or the faded green.

    Although...I do think _cleaning_ an electric stove is place for stuff to hide.

    1. Gas range. Although I did opt for an Electic water heater in the bunkhouse. Stay tuned.


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