Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey! Yo! Mike!

I'm re-doing the bookshelves in the BunkHouse! 

We are moving at the speed of  .   .     .       putting things back together here at the Farm after the Lost Summer. As evidence, I submit to you this shelf

which is finished  and is accidentally symmetrical. God works in mysterious ways ;-) [Please attend to the two crappy old books.]

Dang. Double Dang. You can't see the bottom shelves. They are dreamy, civilized hoots. I'd also like to draw your attention to the slim volume on the war shelf over there on the right.  

I do enjoy putting together book shelves-- libraries of a certain sort-- for folks (Mike) to peruse. The re-do of the BunkHouse-- now known as the Jager Haus-- Library has been fun. Out are the many volumes of needlecraft encyclopedias and kitchen decorating magazines.

In are Dogs & Guns & Star Trek.
Which reminds me. Hey. Yo. Mr. Low Man. I didn't even think of you when I was putting this little library together. I didn't even consider what you might find interesting. 

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