Sunday, March 30, 2014

I don't get out much anymore

I'll get to this guy in a minute
Missy is exhausted. 

Exhausted. That's a great word, isn't it? Just to utter it makes you want to find a pillow and lay your little head down.

Miss M and I took Rocky & Missy on a run in the pasture today after Mr. Big Food &  I got back from the Piglet. We cheated b/c we put the dogs in the truck and drove them to the pasture gate. Missy loves the truck.

Rocky loves the truck, too, although in a different way. Stalwart.

To be clear, Rocky does not support the UN.

Anyway-- great run!

And then we took Missy out to the Peninsula. And Rocky had some free time.

And we are exhausted.

This guy needs to go for a run. He looks positively snarly, doesn't he? 


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