Friday, March 28, 2014

Scenes from LA

We trekked out to Zuma. 

And saw this. 

I thought about blotting out the license plate number. But then I thought, maybe this person does want his message to get out-- he did get a license plate.

I thought this a horrible infringement on Individual Liberty.
But the school was cool.


  1. It was great having you guys out here! To be fair the "No Skateboarding in the Area" signs are only in the part of the building where the administration offices are because too many people were getting taken out walking out of their offices into the path of sleep deprived students moving really fast on wheels... It's perfectly acceptable elsewhere in the building :)

    1. That makes perfect sense, then! Maybe the skateboards need bells.

      Great to see you , too! Thanks again for the hospitality.

  2. I am caught up. WOW! You have been busy!

    1. Yea. And there was Hattisburg somewhere in there, too! And company at the Farm. And stuff.


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