Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"I don't like it in here"

"Well. That's just too bad."

"It smells bad."


"Well! I never! I do my best to smell good. What are you saying, my 'friend'? That I smell as bad as this room?"


"Honestly, Marica, it does smell ... funky in here, doesn't it?"


"Where in the world did you hear that word, Missy?"

"Well, you suggested I increase my vocabulary. I think I've gotten a 'quote unquote' classical vocabulary nailed but what I lack is a 'colokeelal' vocabulary, so while you've been out doing God knows what these last few days, Rocky and I have been watching those DiNoMite dvds and I took note of 'funky.' I thought it one one those words I could use every six months or so for impact-- you know, to impart a greater shade of meaning to my thoughts. And I do see that it has made an impact."


"Good for you, Missy. It does smell funky in here."

"You know, Marica, sometimes you get sidetracked. I don't like it in here."

"Well. That's just too bad."

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  1. That smell will take _for-everrr_ to go away, but what my mom used to do when something used to "stink up" the house was to take a piece of aluminum foil, fold it in half, then again in half, and put a teaspoon or so of cinnamon on it. Put it on a burner at very low heat and let it heat/burn. Makes everything smell nice - at least for a while.

    Of course, baking cookies or some such would have the same effect, but I'm assuming you have other things to do...!


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