Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well this is exciting! Or stupid.

Below are my thoughts on this evening's election returns. In reverse chronological order.

Oh. By the way. This was the first election where we had to show ID. :-) Guess what? I have a state issued ID which I showed to the little ladies. They commented on the spelling of my first name. No one said word boo about the fact that I have a license to carry a conceal fire arm.

12:11 Huh? He didn't win. Aren't you following along? There's going to be a run off and Tom Carey doesn't get to play. 

12:10 This just in on my email
Tea Party Express, the nation's largest Tea Party political action committee, congratulates State Senator Chris McDaniel for winning the U.S. Senate primary against 47-year incumbent Thad Cochran.

11:54 Okay-- so after we got done laughing... we wondered, "Who is this Thomas Carey guy?" 

11:51 Guess the folks in Covington Co. woke up.

11:16 Election fraud is an interesting thought. Not like it hasn't happened here in Mississippi before. One could cross-reference the Y'All Politics summary of endorsements coming out of these two counties as a start. 

"home in bed" Well-- I wouldn't put that past her, but.... [Sorry-- didn't get the time stamp on that. From]
11:05 Why are there no results from Holmes and Covington Counties? "Election fraud?" Mr. Big Food asks. If you don't know the Mississippi landscape, you may not understand that question. 

11:00 Fascinating. All of a sudden everyone in the national punditry is an expert on Mississippi voting rules. Run-off? 

10:43 95.4% reporting. 1400 votes. 

10:30 Still waiting on Holmes and Covington. Claiborne went for Thad, 161 to 112. Now about a 1300 vote lead. 

10:22 I've been taking a few hand written notes as I'm watching. Fewer than 2000 votes separate them and two large counties have yet to report: Holmes and Covington. 91.9% of precincts have reported. 

10:15 Ponotoc County went for Thad-- but only by 150 votes. He's about 3000 behind now. 

9:59 Here I am sitting in front of my computer looking at the Clarion Ledger "live" election results. I flip to another screen, come back and what do you know? McDaniel takes the lead.

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