Sunday, June 1, 2014


I got a personal phone call from Sarah Palin today! No S&^%!! Sarah P@Lin call3d m3 t0d@y!!!!!


The phone has been ringing off the hook this weekend.

"Hey! I'm Some State Senator you've never heard of from Winona! I am proud to be a member of Mississippi Conservatives-- a group of Cochran ass ki88ers that sprang into existence about 36 hours ago. ... "

Every single person who is making fun of this Senate primary race is right to do so. This is Mississippi politics at its finest.

Laugh Out Loud.


  1. I don't know if I should be more jealous of the veggies or the junk/antique store finds! I am a little jealous of your weather, it has been pouring on us since Wednesday! I am not jealous of your phone call, I am so sick of the phone calls I think I might sue the GOP for harassment.

    1. We've had rain every day since ... Wednesday, too. A couple of all-dayers and then scattered. We needed the rain but it's impossible to work in the garden b/c it's so wet. The weeks are taking over.

      I cannot wait for tomorrow! It is a real hoot to real all about this primary in the national media, isn't it? They are trying so hard to make it sound serious. What a couple of clowns. What was really revealing to me was the article up at Y'all Politics which listed the endorsements each of them had gotten Cochran's list reads like the member list of RINOs of America!


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