Wednesday, October 15, 2014

+/- 1 or thereabouts

Life is pretty amazing, isn't it? 

On any given day in May, June, July, August, September or October the ambient air temperature can be 98 °F or greater in Mississippi.

Take a look at these 48 data points. Consider different pairs of monthly high & low records: -5 & 85 (Jan.); 54 & 107 (August). There are 80 and 53 degrees difference, respectively, between those two sets. 

I can tell the difference between -5 and 85. Heck. I can tell the difference between 92 °F and 107 °F, can't you? I cannot tell the difference when the air is 92 versus when the air is 87-- a difference of 5 whole degrees Fahrenheit. Can you?

Think how remarkable it is, then, that we-- you and I-- know something is amiss when our body temperature is not 98.6 but 99.6-- or worse yet, 100.4! 1.8 degrees and we know things are not 'normal'. 

What's my point? 

Homeostasis is cool err err ... neet. 

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