Monday, October 13, 2014


Ro*Tel Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Ha ha ha haha. You thought I was going talk about college football, didn't you?

I've tabulated the results after three games entrees and the polls results for The Fall '14 Macaroni & Cheese Contest are in! Vegetable Macaroni & Cheese is in the lead with two #1 votes. Ro*Tel is #2 with one #1 and two #2 votes.

This was a good mac & cheese. More classically cheesier than the two previous entries. If you are a huge fan of Ro*Tel, then you would have voted this #1 as Mr. Big Food did. It wasn't too Ro*tel-y, but as a main dish-- we make these rules up as we go along*-- it was a bit too Ro*Tel-y for my taste. 

But again, it was by far the best cheese sauce so far.

* below

I've just decided that the Fall '14 Macaroni & Cheese Contest is open only to main dish macaroni & cheese dishes. 

The phrase "make these rules up" recurs frequently. I searched, hoping to link, and got a few hits.

Go Dawgs. We're #1!

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