Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Country Mice are on the Move

Miss M & I are headed to Our State Capital day after tomorrow.

So much to think about. What books to take in the Traveling Library? How much canned Canada Dry can we reasonably transport? I never did order that quick one cup little traveling coffee maker... how to improvise such that I have coffee when I need it? And somewhere in this house there is a pair of black sweatpants that belong to Miss M. Can we find them in time? Do we know where the soft serve food outlets are in Jackson?

Meanwhile... Daughter C and Mr. Big Food will head to Hotlanta, Georgia. (It's purple on the map.) 

Still more to think about. Good grief! We're almost out of hand sanitizer and Daughter C and Mr. Big Food will be within spittin' distance of Hartsfield International Airport. I can say with absolute certainty that the LAST thing we need is for the Farm to be GROUND ZERO on an EBOLA infection here in Mississippi.

So. If you have Ebola-- stay the hell away from us Country Mice. 

We just want to go where we need to go. Do what we need to do without bothering any one. And get back home. 

Oh! If you're wondering... . Mike will be in charge. 

Don't mess with Mike when he's in charge of the Farm. He's Italian-American, don't you know. 



  1. Power to the Italian Americans! Good luck to you and Miss M! I agree no ground zero for Ebola! We don't want any more of the respiratory disease either, I have a child with asthma. I wonder if Amazon Prime can ship out hazmat suits that quick? They sent Seabees from here to help build something in Dallas for the Ebola virus and they are on their way home ack!

    1. You mean you don't already have a hazmat suit? And you call yourself a 'prepper'!! LOL.

      Thanks for the luck.

  2. Indeed...I _was_ wondering!!


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