Friday, April 4, 2014

And Speaking of Political Correctness...

Lots of grumbling out there this morning about Firefox. I like Firefox. But I like the First Amendment more.

A modern classic, wouldn't you say?
(James Finn Garner. Macmillan Publishing Company,  New York. 1994.)
When they were first written, the stories on which the following tales are based certainly served their purpose-- to entrench the patriarchy, to estrange people from their own natural impulses, to demonize "evil" and "reward" and "objective" "good." However much we might like to, we cannot blame the Brothers Grimm for their insensitivity to womyn's issues, minority cultures, and the environment. Likewise, in the self-righteous Copenhagen of Hans Christian Andersen, the inalienable rights of mermaid were hardly given a second thought.

Today, we have the opportunity-- and the obligation-- to rethink these "classic" stories so they reflect more enlightened times. To that effort I submit this humble book. 
We've taken to reading a story after supper just before we all go our separate ways for the evening.  


  1. First anendment is great but doesn't excuse bigotry and it doesn't preclude consequences

  2. I'm switching to comodo Ice dragon for the moment. It's a bit of a hassle - have to export and re-import bookmarks(or re-establish my list entirely), and some of the features are different - but I had no idea that it existed prior to this event. I don't want to install Chrome - both because of the size of the program and because I have a problem with Google's mindset, and IE is just too open a book. Comodo is very close to Firefox - apparently it's a derivative.

    1. Never heard of comodo. I'll check it out. I got Opera, which I'd used years ago and really liked.

  3. The one thing that bothers me is that it doesn't have a "search" window. You just put in your search terms in the main URL window and it will come up with suggestions, and then the sites for the particular search engine you choose. It seems a bit weird to do it that way, but other than that, it seems to be just about the same as Foxfire.

  4. If you decide to try it, don't forget to go to Bookmarks, export them to a document, and then import them into Comodo. Save yourself a bunch of aggravation!


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