Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post Haste!

Look at all the pollen on his shell.
Ring Ring


"Mom. Come outside, quick. Bring the camera. Post Haste!"

I hurriedly got my camera, went out one door, looked, ran to another, and another. Oh there they are! (I didn't hear Daughter C come home.)

I got close enough and slowed my gate.

It's a turtle. No hurry.
posthaste 1545, usually said to be from "post haste" instruction formerly written on letters (attested from 1538), from post (3) "system for sending mail" + haste. The verb post "to ride or travel with great speed" is recorded from 1558.


  1. Some turtles can be very fast-moving indeed.

    1. Indeed! It is turtle season-- they are on the move!

  2. I've noticed dead possums in the roads. I'm guessing they move from somewhere to somewhere this month. And again in about September/October. I don't know much of anything about their life cycle, so I have no idea where they're coming from or going to - it's not like we have a great deal of variation in topography or even botanical variation. Except maybe individual gardens - but I rather doubt that would be enough to trigger a migration of any sort!


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