Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's Happening Now!

That's Mr. Big Food's shop light that he uses to see the grill when he's grilling after dark. I put it up under the covers on the walkup greenhouse.  
"They" "say" it will get below freezing tonight-- maybe even as low as 28 °F. That's cold for tomatoes and peppers and eggplant and tobacco and stuff. 

Let me make a statistical point. There is no such thing as the "average last frost date." That is an impossible statistic, given the nature of the data. And don't even get me started on the Lickert scale. 

That said, it is April 15th! That's the latest last frost date I saw predicted for this region. With all this rain-- and the sun and wind today-- it will frost in places over night.

But I doubt that it's going to get below freezing here on the patio. But that's not the point. The point is, tomatoes and peppers & such do not like cold weather. It is cold. 

We can't turn the furnace on on account of those hundreds and hundreds of dollars we smelled wafting in the breeze a month or so ago, and we do have to patch the roof. 

But ain't we having fun!? 

Company's coming. 

I wonder if I could ask this weekend's company to join me in planting some tomatoes? Because I'm going for it! 


  1. I have one tomato plant left from last year. It got frost bitten, but only on the edges. Lots of tomatoes on it. The last time I had one hold out over the winter, it had smallish tomatoes until about June, when it just up and died. I'm waiting to see if this one will follow the same pattern. If so, then I'll just try to keep one alive over the winter for early tomatoes, while planting new ones - which, of course, I've done.

    Last year, I planted about 6 different varieties. Too many - I wasn't able to really track them by variety. This year, I went with just one variety, and I want to see if there are differences by location.

    1. I over wintered a pepper or two one year. I should try that again. Good idea!

      What do you mean exactly by "track?" do you record the harvest?


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