Sunday, April 13, 2014

Details, details

It was Super Bull Dog Weekend in Starkvegas!!

The Cotton District Arts Festival. 

State played Ole Miss in baseball.

FB (football) scrimmage. 

Everyone except Mr. Big Food and I went. We stayed home.

That's my birthstone!
Daughter C returned to the Farm bearing gifts! 

She said the woman who does this is local, and that she sells on etsy-- with which I am not all that familiar. But I just searched: 

2,170,000 results

I thought after last evening's photo dump, I owed the blog a few words. 

And so, here are a few random ones on guns.
The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law
Glenn Harlan Reynolds University of Tennessee College of Law
April 10, 2014
Tennessee Law Review, Vol. 81, p. 409, 2014 

I find I look at Volokh (sp) ( more than I did before. 

I'm trying to read everything I can about how people are sorting this out-- in a time when "The Gov't" wears a really big boot-- the 2nd Amendment is doing okay. Not great. But okay. 

Being a reductionist and all, I attribute this mild success to The Spirit of America

The most exciting thing is that she can differentiate! I mean-- c'mon-- unless you grew up knowing, there was a time in your life when you didn't know the difference between .357 and 9mm. 

3 5 7 Primo!


  1. 2nd Amendment Jewelry is awesome :)

  2. My grandson - who is autistic - sells bead bracelets on Etsy. I'll include a link - as soon as I find it! I have to search through my emails for it.

    Apparently, the beading process "works" for him.

  3. Caroline-- if you can find here etsy site I'll post the link.

    suek-- send the link along when you find it.

    Aggie-- I know. It's so tasteful, don't you think?



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