Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WARNING! I'm in a Bad Mood.

I'm sort of sad about the Courthouse vote. 

I tried to occupy myself today as I thought through the implications. Traffic is going to be a nightmare as they build a new courthouse.

Mr. Big Food's Dad sent me a few little ditties that cheered me up.

Missy had a Big Day! So did Rocky!!


"Oh! I sure did, Marica!"

"I can't believe you're still awake, Missy! Go back to bed."

"rrrru u u f   "

"Oh! No. Marica. We have to talk about this. Those boys were walking on water!!!!"

"Missy. They were standing up in a boat."

"Oh. I see. Well, nonetheless. I had a great day."

"Me, too, Missy."

Love, from Mississippi.

Where we voted to ....


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