Friday, April 4, 2014

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

One is silver,
And the other, Gold.

kymber blogs at That's *Framboise Manor*.

I met kymber a long time ago, and I ran across her a while back, thanks to Aggie who has apparently decided she doesn't like us anymore.

kymber lives in Canada. If memory serves, ... well, I want kymber on my side. that bunny costume will really crack you up. especially when you find out about her.

Framboise Manor is our Bug-Out Location (BOL) that we have been living in since December 2010. As can be seen by the above picture - calling it simply a "Manor" doesn't do it justice - we bet you think it is more like an "Estate", eh?

wait until you see the back!
Anyway-- kymber decided it was Spring in Canada. But then the lights, internet, sun, and moon went out. But they have a generator.

kymber took a tumble down the stairs.

But She is Bound And Determined to Get On with That Dance.

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