Monday, April 14, 2014

Just when you think it's safe enough to stay inside...

this happens.

That's one of the buckets the Girls gave me for Mother's Day a few years ago. It's coming in handy. It sits about... two feet from me. There's another bucket just under the ceiling vent up there in front of me. When the sky is falling and I leave the house, I move all of my electronic gizmos into the breakfast room.
So it rained today. A guy came out yesterday to assess the situation. He called today. You just can't do what he needs to do in the rain.

The other day, A. Leland asked if it was always like this-- one thing and then another. I replied that this winter was exceptional with respect to the sheer number of things that had gone wrong.
  • We ran out of propane. This never happens.
  • The furnace stopped woking.
  • Turns out we had a bad regulator.
  • We got that fixed.
  • Next day, A.L. & I smell gas everywhere. 
  • A gas leak explains everything.
Did I mention the busted/frozen pipes so keep the water dripping all night water bill? 

And the dryer that quit? And the dishwasher that would not drain?

And the tomatoes that are desperate to go into the ground but cannot on account of the fact that it's gonna be freaking freezing tomorrow night? 

It's not even safe to go outside!

[Shelter in place.]


  1. This winter really did suck! I hope the roof isn't too costly, I just took things out of the greenhouse now they have to go back in.

    1. Indeed it did. Thing is, no one can figure out quite what's happening with the roof. We we'll patch & see how it goes.

      In & out in & out. We are confusing our 'maters!!

  2. Ummmm....we'd appreciate a bit of that moisture, if you could just arrange for it to make a left turn somewhere...!!

    Our dryer went out last year. I've been making do with hanging stuff up to dry in the back room. Except for sheets - which we have to take down to town to a commercial dryer - it hasn't been a problem. My daughter left me with a bunch of plastic hangers, so I just hang stuff up in the closet and 24 hours later they're all dry and ready to be folded. But I said...we could use some of that wet stuff you're having so much of. Humidity is _very_ low here.

    1. Fortunately, it was just a belt that had come off. So no cost to fix the dryer. Can't say the same about the other probs.

      Believe you me, I'd send y'all some rain if I could!

  3. On our dryer, I'm pretty sure it's just the heating element. I'm also pretty sure it could be replaced for not too much. At this point, it's just been easier to do the hang up the wash thing than arrange for the necessary repair.

    I looked at new dryers....YOWZEZ!! and HOLY TOLEDO!! I think we'll just stumble along or maybe take a few days off and see if we can get a repair guy out. It's an old dryer...I hope parts are still available!


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