Friday, January 3, 2014

Dress Codes? In Texas!?

As you may have surmised, Mr. Big Food and I are in Texas.

Here's the truck
having just crossed the Mississippi Line
We are visiting Mr. Big Food's Dad and Mr. Big Food Mom. Because there's no tellin' what we might do in Texas-- maybe eat some goose, maybe score some .22LR ammo-- I emailed Mr. Big Food's Dad and Mr. Big Food's Mom to ask what we should pack.
> Good morning!
> John tells me there is a goose in our future. Looking forward to that!
> Are there plans to do anything "dress up?" Or can we just pack Mississippi redneck clothing?
> Looking forward to seeing all y'all
In reply Mr. Big Food's Dad said
We'll probably have goose at the Grier's on Thursday evening...We're not planning to leave Georgetown so the only dressing up might be dinner at Wildfire in downtown...Men wear slacks and sport shirts...not very dressy..."dress red neck business casual" will fit right in...No camo...
To which I replied
Hum. The 'no camo' rule sure does put a crimp in my knickers. I'll see what I can come up with.
A flirty little chiffon skirt topped with a black tank top, over a pair of black leggings. Add 20 year old leather boots, and a camo jacket I hand made for Daughter C a couple of years ago. 
Check out the antique buttons

 We call it "Dress-Up Camo."



  1. I look forward to hearing how your camo went over...

    1. Wait. You have internet? At Mama's? Wow.

      Camo went over well. Although to tell the truth, I *was* the only person at Wildfire in our traditional garb.


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