Monday, January 13, 2014

Words: Epicure

Believe it or not, we have resumed the Word of the Day Can You Use It in a Sentence game. (You can view all 54 "word" posts by clicking on "words" in the label list.) We had an especially good word-- left over from December 18th!-- to begin again. Especially good as we read our sentences after a fine meal of BBQed chicken-- which Mr. Big Food did on the grill!-- corn salad, winter squash flan (thanks, Alix), and spinach salad with Chris' quickly prepared vinaigrette.

Any epicure would be delighted to share in the regular feasts of the Farm.

It is not possible to be a genuine epicure if one is unable to appreciate Southern cuisine.
--A. Leland

The epicure, sensibilities offended by the lack of proper butter knife, refused to eat the dinner rolls.

While the husband was a simple man, his wife was an epicure and often sapped the family budget on fine wines and exotic delicacies.

Don't let her fondness for Oreos fool you, she's a real epicure.
--Miss M

At the Farm, we chant, "Who's an epicure? I'm an epicure!" and then we eat.

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