Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recipe: Homemade Chicken Soup

Topped with Fluffy Dumplings
Well, this is embarrassing. This soup was of course a contestant in our 2013/14 Fall and Winter Soup Contest. (More soup recipes at the link.) We enjoyed it back on December 30th. Mr. Big Food assures me we discussed its ranking at the time but I see no mention of it in my contest notes. I will have to poll the other judges.

For my money-- this is the clear winner so far. How can you possibly beat Homemade Chicken Soup with Fluffy Dumplings? (Dumplings substitute for noodles in this version.)

Serves 8 

5-6 lb stewing chicken, cut up 
6 C water 
1/3 C onion, chopped 
2 tsp salt 
¼ tsp pepper 
1 bay leaf 
6 medium ears corn, kernels cut from cobs, cobs scraped (about 2 C) OR 1 lb can cream-style corn 
1 ½ C uncooked Homemade Noodles (see recipes in Casseroles … and Tex-Czech sections) 
1 C celery, chopped 
2 Tbsp snipped parsley 

In a large kettle, combine chicken, water, onion, salt, pepper, and bay leaf, bring to boiling, and simmer covered for about 2 hours or until chicken is tender. Remove chicken from broth and, when cool enough to handle, remove meat from skin and bones, cut meat into bite-sized pieces, and set aside. Skim excess fat from broth, discard bay leaf, and bring broth to boiling. Add corn kernels and scrapings or cream-style corn, Homemade Noodles, celery, and parsley, and simmer covered for about 8 minutes or until corn and noodles are barely done. Add chicken meat and heat through for about 5 minutes. Adjust seasonings if necessary.

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