Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Day!

Seeds from Botanical Interests!!!!!!!
Let's look a bit closer, shall we?

Lettuce & such, including a freebie
Alliums, herbs...
See the package of chives? I think this is what I used to call 'Society Garlic' or maybe 'Society Chives.' I hope so. Here it's called 'Chinese Garlic.' The description sounds a lot like what I'm hoping it is. If so, this is a beautiful plant. 

Here it is, about to bloom in the old garden at The Compound.
The leaves, buds and flowers are all edible. It has an especially delicate flavor-- a little more garlicy than oniony. Very subtle. 

It's a perennial-- once and done with planting. But beware! The clumps will grow and multiply nicely. But it also self-seeds so you'll be finding baby plants all around. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you have space to fill. Fortunately, it also grows well in pots. My recollection is that the leaves grow to about 2' but the flower stalks are 3' or more. Quite striking.

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