Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Season in Review: SEC / Mississippis State / Alabama.

Here is what I said on November 16, 2013
Imagine having a team that's destined to go 4-8 and having the opportunity to see the #1 team in the nation. At 4-5 the excitement is long gone for State. But, Alabama! Should be fun, right?  
State's now 4-6. Bama's now 10-0. And we are home. 
State ended the season 7-6 and won the Liberty bowl again Rice 44-7.

Alabama ended the season 11-2 with an unbelievably stupid lose to Auburn. Here's what I had to say about that:
Hey Nick S-- 
I like you just fine. I've liked your teams. But Alabama fans do not "work" for you. You have your directions mixed up. I grant that there are "fans" out there who don't have brains, I am not one. You blew this all by yourself. As a fan, you work for me. And you are fired. 
Seriously. What a monumental screw up. And now listen to ESPN spin. "You had a bunch of lineman trying to run him down." Right. Lineman. Sure, they may have thought you were looking to fake. But let's look at this as we did as we watched the game. Go into overtime. Yes. That would have upset our dinner plans. But you would have won. But no. You opt to try a FIFTY-SEVEN yard field goal. Kicked by a red-shirt freshman. Are you insane? Have you lost your marbles?
And now Nick and his team have succeeded in losing the Nokia Sugar Bowl to Oklahoma 45-31.

As Nelson Muntz would say, "Ha. Ha."

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