Saturday, November 16, 2013

#1? Really?

Not from where I was sitting.
Aside from the tailgate-- which was very good-- the game was a complete bust.

Imagine having a team that's destined to go 4-8 and having the opportunity to see the #1 team in the nation. At 4-5 the excitement is long gone for State But, Alabama! Should be fun, right? 


State's now 4-6. Bama's now 10-0. And we are home. 

And that's it for me for college football this year except for from the comfort of my own home. 

There is one more home game. The Egg Bowl against Ole Miss on Thanksgiving evening. I have made a stand. I will not let ESPN dictate to me the traditions I will enjoy on Thanksgiving. 

Who ever heard of such a thing? Going to a college football game Thanksgiving evening? Because ESPN wants to make it a television tradition?

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