Monday, November 25, 2013

A Quiet, Yet Memorable Evening

Creamed spinach. PopEye!
We enjoyed the last of the fresh spinach-- for a little while. I picked it hard the other day, and what with the cold weather, growth has slowed considerably.

A. Leland tried out the beta version of his Winter Tea. He'll make a big batch for Thanksgiving and serve it in the crockpot.

Miss M was able to take time out from writing to grace us with her presence at dinner.

Daughter C is preparing for an excellent adventure and still managed to compose the #1 word of the day sentence (see below).

Mr. Big Food found yet another excellent grace to read before dinner.

AND... we had had our first "V" word!
Mrs. Mumaw was not only vituperative, she was physically abusive.
--Miss M
Not a trait one desires in a grade-school teacher.
Just because you hate it here in Mississippi, and you think being a tenure-track professor at Mississippi State University is beneath you, you have no reason to be vituperative toward your students, Mister Assistant Professor.
Or in a professor.
His vituperative bellicosity cost him friendships.
--Mr. Big Food

Martin Bashir's vituperative eruption in response to the conservative woman's commentary not only demonstrated an inept frame of mind but a vicious character.
--A. Leland

It's not as if she was being vituperative when telling him he did the wrong study in the form of a question. Actually, yeah she was.
--Daughter C

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