Monday, November 4, 2013

Last Goes First

A. Leland was last to read his sentence. After hearing ours, he said he wished he'd written a better one. So let's get his out of the way first.
I know of no other better descriptive term for Rachel Maddow than "harpy."

Referring to Kat's 3rd Grade Teacher-- before we raised a ruckus and had Kat put in another class-- I said,
Mrs. Garrison was a harpy dressed up as an Angle of the Lord.
In an obviously false self-referential sentence, Daughter C said,
"Put your cigarette out while she's still eating!" shrieked the harpy.
Showing off his long-term memory of especially song lyrics, Mr. Big Food said,
Paraphrasing the Kinkster: "Mean-minded harpy, breakin' all the laws, tearing up her girdle and burnin' up her bra."
And Miss M reported a conversation.
Missy said that she heard Rocky say that Sweetheart is a harpy bitch.


"Oh. No worries, Rocky. It's not a swear word in this context. It's perfectly acceptable to refer to a female dog as a 'bitch'."


"Well! Let me make my position perfectly clear. I am a female dog, but I will never be a 'bitch' nor will I ever accept being called one. I am ... ."

"Calm down, Missy. We all understand that you are incapable of being a 'bitch,' what with your being incapable of having pups and all."


"I'm so sorry to have over-reacted. I guess I, too, despite my lack of free-flowing estrogen, get a bit bitchy at times"

"Ruff ruff!!"

"Now, Rocky. Be sympathetic. Unlike that bitch Sweetheart, Missy will never experience the joys of motherhood."


"It's okay, y'all. Don't feel sorry for me. I take pleasure in being a member of the family. And looking at the situation logically, I'm not sure I'd want to spawn Rocky's pups even if I could."

"RUFF RUFF!??!!"

"No offense intended, my dear friend."

"Oh for crying out loud. Will you both just shut up!"



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