Friday, November 15, 2013

Dinner Games

"Why thank you, my dear Miss M. I do so appreciate your affection. I was just reading a bit about manners and the enjoyment of a fine meal. I know my behavior of late has been... shall I say, less than admirable. So sorry about that pork chop, by the way. I gave into temptation. It will never happen again. You have my word! Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to reading what Emily has to say about the napkin."

Mr. Big Food proposed to me today! He proposed we begin enjoying our evening meals at the dining table. I accepted! All are invited to join us, but participation is strictly voluntary.

Now that the Still Summer Season is over and we're no longer dining on the patio, we've fallen into the habit of eating in the living room-- with the television on. Disgraceful. I know. So I welcomed Mr. Big Food's proposal.

Tonight I set the table. We enjoyed a fine meal of a delicious Tex-Mex pork loaf served with salsa made from tomatillos and green tomatoes (picked right before the freeze) and fresh cilantro,  cleared the table, and chatted. We had a raucous discussion about 'Pilgrims' vs. 'Puritans' 

and then the conversation turned to table manners.
And games. How can they turn dining etiquette and enjoyment of good food into a game? They kicked around a lot of good ideas about readings and quizzes and point scoring. And comprehensive exams. 

It will be a short game, played at Sunday Supper. Each of us will "host" one play. 

It's been agreed there will be no meal police. Shouts of, "A. Leland's elbows are on the table! He looses points!!" have no place in the enjoyment of a fine meal.

More details to come.

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