Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Oh. My. I'm just re-reading our sentences from this evening. Upon reading A. Leland's, I remembered his comment that it might not be suitable for posting.

Ah. Far be it from me to censor A. Leland or any one else-- although I'll add a comma or two.

It will, I hope, be taken as no imprecation if I borrow a page from Alex Baldwin's portfolio and condemn all of the liberal sackhounds grovelling beneath the groin of progressivism to hell.
--A. Leland

His hatred for his sworn enemy was so ingrained that the imprecation he muttered on his grave [deathbed?] was expected.
--Mr. Big Food

The weather has become an imprecation on the whole farming community.
--Miss M

Alexander Hamilton's influence on our founding documents was a lasting imprecation on our liberty.

I do not like Alexander Hamilton, the "brat bastard of a Scotch peddler." 

No offense to Scotch peddlers. It was John Adams who described Hamilton thusly. I've yet to uncover the reasons that explain how the Jamaican-born brat bastard came to have so much influence over G. Washington and others.

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