Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Multiple Definitions

There is a recipe for junket in the Modernistic Recipe-Menu Book of the DeBoth Homemakers' Cooking School (1929).

[Mr. Big Food] and I recently went on a junket to the coast of Alabama where this shark f'ing stole my trophy catch.
--A. Leland

Please grant me absolution for failing to write a sentence but I'm on my way to a junket.
--Miss M

Dalliances with underaged interns, allegations of voter fraud, and a particularly egregious junket to Monte Carlo finally brought down the senator-- not his cozy allegiance to the Corporate State.
--Mr. Big Food

An interesting word which has changed a bit over time. Junket is a custard-like dessert made with rennin (from one of the stomachs of a young calf). Junket is also an excursion, though in the crappy olden days it was an excursion made in secret.

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