Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Old Winters on the Farm"

I have jest about decided
     It 'id keep a town-boy hopping'
     Fer to work all winter, choppin'
Fer a' old fireplace, like I did!
Lawz! them old times wuz contrairy!--
     Blame' backbone o' winter, 'peared-like,
     Wouldn't break-- and I wuz skeerd-like,
Clean on into Feb'uary!
     Nothin' ever made me madder
Than fer Pap to stomp in, layin'
on a' extra forestick, sayin'
     "Groun'-hog's out and seed his shadder!"

From Riley Farm-Rhymes with Country Pictures, James Whitcomb Riley. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis. 1901.

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