Monday, January 6, 2014

Okay. I get it.

Up at just now.
It's cold. Now let's get a grip on ourselves and try to put things into perspective.

The Jowell House built by George Jowell in 1872 after Indians burnt down his wood cabin.
Here's the story as told at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubock, Texas.

Click to enlarge and read.
The inside of the downstairs.

See that stove? That's it people.
And you want to talk about "life threatening?" 

Head stones from the final resting place of some of Jowell's descendents.
Franklin C. 1873-1876
James P. 1876-1878
Joel W. 1878-1878
Lona Bell 1880-1880
Euell Homar 1882-1883
Things don't seem all that bad today, now, do they? Maybe a little cold and windy. That's all.

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