Monday, February 3, 2014

A Country Mouse Contemplates "Art"

My photographs-- I didn't have my camera on me, I had to rely on my iThingy's "camera"-- do not do this work justice. It's fascinating.

It's a bunch of loops. Zillions of them.

There is no texture.

As it appears there is.

It's just a bunch of loops.

My first Country Mouse thought was closed. But as I want to be an open-minded Country Mouse, I gave it a shot. I liked it. I loved the colors-- Starvegians, it's at the Depot (next to the Barnes & Noble. Go see it). I loved the appeal to rag rugs which is what I saw. The colors of the show have a Grandma Moses scheme.

I liked that while I'm fretting about the Constitution, Lindsey is off and about doing her art.

Good times.


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