Friday, February 7, 2014

Books Bygone: The Life of Anna Mary Robertson


I have a new essay out in our little weekly newspaper. It's online at the paper's site but behind a paywall-- you may want to subscribe so you so you can keep up with what's happening. (Extra! Extra! There was an arrest made in the school flag theft!)

The essay is also available here, along with all of the others.

Daughter C did a dramatic reading last evening for our Cincinnati Friends.* She says this one is her favorite!


* For Becca. (Please swallow and put down your coffee.) You know A. Leland is here, but did you know that Dr. Johnson works in Meridian, Mississippi? And that Master Tuffer is substitute teaching at State?


  1. You make me feel famous! Of course, I'm seriously disappointed I was not there for the reading (and other festivities). I think it's pretty spectacular that you're turning Mississippi into a philosopher reserve! You guys are so cool. :)

  2. This is my favorite article! Now a tie with the Valentines Day article :)


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