Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lights Out

You knew this day would come.

Lights out.

God Speed.


  1. Ominous.

    Hope all is and goes well.

  2. Marica - just realized that i didn't have you listed in our blogroll....duh? problem solved!

    oh and would love to see your seed planting list for this year's garden. it's a pain typing it all out because i bet that you, like me, have your plans written on several different pages, excel spreadsheets, databases, back-up servers, super-domes, typing the list out on the blog is a pain. but heck - all of us are interested in what all of us are doing right?

    oh and i need to hear many updates about the tobacco! why are you growing tobacco?

    your friend,

  3. Check your email, my friend.


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